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We Help You Code and/or  Automate Trading Strategies is based in the Seattle, WA area. We help others code their strategies in TradingView’s PineScript programming language so that they can get custom alerts the moment an event of interest occurs. This is usually a technical indicator performing a certain action that a trader may want to act on. We also build custom indicators, and can help you deploy and automate your TradingView strategies on an AWS cloud server. 

Why Use

  • Save the hundreds to thousands of hours it takes to learn a code language, and outsource it to a pro.
  • Your consultant has designed and launched their own custom strategies onto their own live cloud based automated trading server. Work with someone who has direct experience automating and deploying trade strategies.
  • Your consultant is credentialed with an MBA, a PMP, and has a rounded leadership background that can help provide unique perspectives on your project.
  • We can code and create strategies/alerts for any asset class on TradingView. We can also help you automate your trading strategies for Stocks, ETFs and Cryptocurrencies across multiple brokerage platforms.


Our most common Services:

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Tradingview / pinescript algorithm development:

Convert a technical indicator into a strategy

backtest quantitative/technical strategies

build custom technical indicators

integrate risk management into your strategy

create custom alerts

aws vps server setup and deployment for live automated cloud trading

trade automation with interactive brokers for stocks/etfs, or with most cryptocurrency exchanges. Forex coming soon.

Project consulting


What We Can Do For You

We provide coding/engineering services in PineScript and consulting services for your project. If you have a technical indicator you would like to build or use on TradingView, then we can assist in coding and automating alerts or trades for it. If you have an idea for your own custom technical indicator, we can build that to. Schedule a free consultation to learn how we might be able to help you on your project.

Custom Alerts

We can code and setup automated alerts for any technical indicator

Convert an Indicator

We can take any technical indicator and convert it into a strategy that can be backtested

Custom Indicators

We can code custom technical indicators to your mathmatical specifications

Automate Trading

We can deploy your strategies onto your own cloud trading server


Service Pricing

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